Aerangis citrata [Thou]Schlechter 1914 Photo courtesy of Jay Pfahl

Flower closeup Photo courtesy of Dale and Deni Borders.

Specimen Plant

Photo courtesy of David Jubineau and His Bulbophyllum Pages Copyright

FragranceFull shadeHotCoolSpringSummer and Fall

Common Name or Meaning The Lemon-scented Aerangis

Flower Size 3/4" to 1" [2 to 3cm]

This epiphytic, miniature plant [less than 4" total] from Madagascar appreciates shade and is an cool to hot grower with fine roots, a short stem carrying to 9, elliptic, dark green, thin textured leaves that are unequally bilobed apically which blooms in the spring, summer and fall on a 16" long [40cm], pendant inflorescence with 12 to 30, fragrant [lemon], waxy, small flowers all held in the same plane. This miniature orchid is found among mosses in humid evergreen forests on small branches and trunks of small trees at elevations of sealevel to 1500 meters.

Synonyms Aerobion citratum Sprgl. 1826; Angorchis citrata O. Ktze. 1891; *Angraecum citratum Thou 1822; Rhaphidorhynchus citratus Finet 1907

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