Angraecum calceolus Thouars 1822 SECTION Gomphocentrum [Bentham] Garay Photo by Patricia Harding Copyright ©

Another Flower?Photo by Olaf Pronk and His Olaf Pronk and Laurette E.U.R.L. orchids of Madagascar Website

Plant and Flowers in situ Reunion Photo by © François Vandeschricke and The Orchidees de Reunion Website

FragrantPartialsun Hot Cool LATESpring Through LATESummer

Common Name or Meaning The Small Shoe Angraecum

Flower Size 4/5" [2 cm] Spur 1/3 to 1/2" [1 to 1.2 cm]

A small sized, epiphytic or lithophytic, hot to cool growing orchid found in coastal forests in shady, humid forests usually the base of shrubs and trees at elevations of 30 to to 2000 meters with very short stem carrying 3 to 10, narrowly lanceolate or ligulate, broad, distichous leaves that blooms in the summer on a racemose to paniculate, 6 to 12" [15 to 30 cm] long inflorescence with, laxly few to several [4 to 6] flowers and all shorter than the leaves that is found in Mozambique, Madagascar as well as the Indian Ocean Islands Of Comoros, Reunion, Mauritius, the Mascarenes and the Seychelles. This is one of two species that is found in Africa as well as the Indian Ocean Islands and is unusual in that, with older specimens, it is possible to have a branched inflorescence.

Synonyms Aeranthes calceolus (Thouars) S. Moore 1877; Aeranthus calceolus [Thou]S. Moore; Aerobion calceolus (Thouars) Spreng. 1826; Angraecum anocentrum Schlechter 1898; Angraecum carpophorum Thouars 1822; Angraecum rhopaloceras Schlechter 1925; Epidorchis calceolus [Thou] O.Ktze 1891; Epidorchis carpophora (Thouars) Kuntze 1891; Macroplectrum calceolus [Thou] Finet 1907; Mystacidium calceolus (Thouars) Cordem. 1895; Mystacidium carpophorum (Thouars) Cordem. 1895

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