Angraecum magdalenae Schltr. & H. Perrier 1925 SECTION Humblotiangraecum Photo courtesy of Andy's Orchids Copyright 2002 All rights reserved.

FragrantPart SunWarm TO CoolSpring THROUGH Summer

Common Name or Meaning Madalaine's Angraecum [refers to Madelaine Drouhard original collector of species 1900's became wife of Perrier] - The Snow-White Angraecum

Flower Size 3 to 4" [7.5 to 10 cm] Spur 4" [10 cm]

A medium sized, warm to cool growing lithophytic monopodial species found in central Madagascar in areas with a distinct cool, dry season through the winter on or near quartzite boulders in leaf litter around 800 to 2000 meters in altitude with 6 to 8, short, distichous, fleshy-coriaceous, oblong-ligulate, unequally bilobed apically leaves that blooms in the spring through summer on a bracteate, .8 to 1.2" [2 to 3 cm] long inflorescence with yellow, rigid, triangular floral bracts that arises from below the first leaf and can have from 1 to 5, fleshy, large, white, enticingly fragrant flowers.

Synonyms Angraecum magdalenae var. latiilabellum Bosser 1965

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