Angraecum infundibulare Lindley 1862 SECTION Arachnangraecum Schlechter Photo by Carl Withner.

Side Flower View Photo by Ben Berliner and Willow Pond Orchids.

FragrantPart shadeHot Cool Fall and Winter

Common Name or Meaning The Funnel-Shaped Angraecum [refers to the Lip shape]

Flower Size 3 1/2" maximum horizontally and 6 to 8" vertically [8.75 cm x 15 to 20 cm]

A large sized, monopodial, hot to cool growing epiphyte from Nigeria, Cameroon, Principe, Congo, Zaire, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya in hot to cool and humid rainforests at elevations of sea leavel to 1350 meters that has an elongated, leafy, terete, somewhat fractifex, rarely branching stem subtended by leaf sheaths and having roots all along the length carrying, thin textured, narrowly oblong-elliptic or oblanceolate, unequally bilobed apically leaves that blooms in the fall and winter on a pendant, 6 to 8" [15 to 20 cm] long, bracteate, solitary flowered inflorescence with long-lasting, strongly fragrant, waxy flowers.

Because this species has roots that occur all along the long rambling stem in the leaves, it is best potted with a moss pole [as for climbing indoor plants] so the stem can be tied up until the roots can enter the pole.

Synonyms Angorchis infundubularis (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891; Eichlerangraecum infundibulare (Lindl.) Szlach., Mytnik & Grochocka 2013; Mystacidium infundibulare [Lindl.] Rolfe 1898

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