Ascocentrum ampullaceum [Lindley]Schlechter 1913 Photo by Jay Pfahl

PartialsunHot TO CoolSpring and Summer

Common Name Vein-like Ascocentrum [Lip Spur] - In Thailand Khao kae - Khem daeng - In China Niao She Lan

Flower Size 1/2" to 1 1/4" [1.5 to 2.5 cm]

A great, miniature sized, hot to cool growing, vandaceous plant, with short, simple, several leafed stems carrying suberect, distichous, ligulate, acutely bifid or truncate and apically toothed leaves that are keeled on the underside and grooved on the top that is a spring through summer bloomer on an axillary, 3 to 8" [8 to 20 cm] long, shorter than the leaves, compact inflorescence that have many small flowers, found in central China, western Himalayas, Assam India, Bangladesh, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Andaman Islands, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam at elevations of 300 to 1500 meters in subtropical forests near rivers often on deciduous trees.

Hot to cool temperatures and high humidity as well as bright light are required. It likes wood slat basket culture and needs a slight drying out and cooling in the winter.

Synonyms *Aerides ampullaceum Lindley 1832; Gastrochilus ampullaceus O.Ktze. 1891; Oeceoclades ampullacea (Roxb.) Lindl. ex Voigt 1845; *Saccolabium ampullaceum Lindley 1828; Vanda ampullacea ( Roxb. ) L.M.Gardiner 2012

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Ascocentrum ampullaceum [Lindley]Schlechter Var. album 'Fuch's Snow'CHM/AOS Photo by Jay Pfahl, plant grown by Miramar Orchids

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Ascocentrum ampullaceum [Lindley]Schlechter Var. aurantiacum Photo courtesy of Eric Hunt

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