Barkeria spectabilis Bateman ex Lindley 1842

Photo by © Jay Pfahl

Another Flower

Photo by © Danny Lentz and plant grown by the Atlanta Botanical Garden


Common Name The Showy Barkeria

Flower Size 1 /34" to 3" [4 to 8 cm]

Found in southern Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador where it grows as a small sized, cool to cold growing epiphyte or lithophyte in dry areas on oak trees and bushes at elevations of 1300-3500 meters with fusiform-cylindrical, erect pseudobulbs carrying ovate to linear-lanceolate, subcoriaceous, acute to acuminate leaves. It flowers in the summer on a few to many flowered, apical, 10" [25 cm] long, racemose or paniculate inflorescence arising on a newly arising pseudobulb with short-lived non-fragrant flowers that open in succession.

It is a cool to cold growing orchid and likes to be mounted on wood branches with moderate shade and even watering while growing and a drier winter rest after leaf drop.

Synonyms Barkeria lindleyanan ssps. spectabile [Batem ex Lindl.] Rchb.f 1862; Epidendrum spectabile (Bateman ex Lindl.) Rchb. f. ex Müll. Berol. 1862

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