Calanthe lyroglossa Rchb.f. 1878 SUBGENUS Calanthe SECTION Styloglossum

Photo by Ravan Schneider and The Phyto Images Website


Photo by Peter O'Byrne, Courtesy of André Schuiteman, Dr. E.F. de Vogel and Jaap Vermeulen and Their Netherlands National Herbarium Website. and Flora Malesiana Vol III

Another View? not close to C ecallosa but has ruffled margins to the lip?

Photo by Karel & Alex Petrzelka

Fragrance Full Shade Cool Summer Fall

Common Name or Meaning The Lute-Shaped Lip Calanthe - in Japan - Rengio-ebine - Riukiu-ebine - In China Nan Fang Xia Ji Lan

Flower Size .4" [1 cm]

Found in China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo, Java, Malaysia and the Philippines in lower montane forests at elevations of [700] 1000 to 1700[1900] meters as a large sized, cool growing terrestrial orchid with oblong-lanceolate, gradually narrowing below into the petiolate base leaves that blooms in the summer and fall on a stout, erect, rachis 3.2 to 5.6" [8 to 14 cm] long, 12 to 20" [30 to 50 cm] long overall, many flowered inflorescence arising from the base of the pseudobulb and has 3 to 4, tubular, lanceolate, acute bracts and membraneous, lanceolate, deciduous floral bracts with all the small, fragrant flowers held in the apical third

Synonyms Alismorchis foerstermannii [Rchb.f] Kuntze 1891; Alismorchis lyroglossa (Rchb.f.) Kuntze 1891; Calanthe actinomorpha Fukuy. 1935; Calanthe foerstermannii Rchb.f 1883; Calanthe forsythiiflora Hayata 1914; Calanthe liukiuensis Schltr. 1919; Calanthe lyroglossa var forsythiiflora [Hayata] S S Ying 1977; Calanthe lyroglossa var longibracteata P O'byrne 1997; Calanthe nephroidea Gagnep. 1951; Phaius actinomorphus (Fukuy.) T.P.Lin 1975; Styloglossum lyroglossum ( Rchb.f. ) T.Yukawa & P.J.Cribb 2014; Styloglossum lyroglossum var. actinomorphum ( Fukuy. ) T.Yukawa & P.J.Cribb 2014; Styloglossum lyroglossum var. longibracteatum ( P.O'Byrne ) T.Yukawa & P.J.Cribb 2014

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