Calanthe rhodochila Schltr. 1905 SUBGENUS Calanthe SECTION Rhodochilus

Another Plant Photos by Wolfgang Bandisch and the Orchids of New Guinea Website

Full shade Warm Cool Winter

Common Name The Red Lipped Calanthe

Flower Size

Found in the Moluccas, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands in montane mist forests on tree trunks at elevations around 850 to 2300 [2700] meters as a small to medium sized, warm to cold growing terrestrial or low epiphyte with pseudobulbs that are completely hidden by the leaf bases and carrying 2 to 3, plicate, 5 nerved, articulate, distichous, erect, narrowly lanceolate, acuminate, narrowing below into the longitudinally grooved petiolate base leaves that blooms in the winter on a lateral, arising from the base of the pseudobulbs, erect, shorter than the leaves, peduncle, very short, several bracted, rachis cylindrical, overall 2.4 to 11.2" [6 to 28 cm] long, densely many flowered inflorescence with persistent, erect, broadly obovate, acuminate, recurved apically, 3 thickened nerved, white with thickly marked green nerves floral bracts.

Synonyms Calanthe bracteosa Schltr. 1923; Calanthe breviscapa J.J.Sm. 1911; Calanthe manis J.J.Sm. 1929; Calanthe reconditiflora J.J.Sm. 1928; Calanthe rhodochila var. reconditiflora (J.J.Sm.) S.Thomas 1999; Styloglossum rhodochilum ( Schltr. ) T.Yukawa & P.J.Cribb 2014; Styloglossum rhodochilum var. reconditiflorum ( J.J.Sm. ) T.Yukawa & P.J.Cribb 2014

References Orchidaceae of German New Guinea Schlechter 1912 drawing ; The Genus Calanthe Clayton & Cribb 2013 drawing/photo fide; The Genus Calanthe Clayton & Cribb 2013 as Calanthe rhodochila var. reconditiflora drawing/photo fide;