Cattleya candida [Kunth] Lehm. 1895 SUBGENUS Cattleya SECTION Cattleya Lindley

In situ Quimbaya Quindio Colombia 1200 meters 7/14

Fine Form

Photos by © Jay Pfahl

Another Clone

Another Color Form

Photos by © Patricia Harding


Common Name The Beautiful Cattleya - in Colombia azucenas [easter lilies]

Flower Size 7" [17.5 cm]

Found in Colombia on the eastern slope of the central cordillera of the Andes at elevations of 600 to 1500 meters as a medium sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte on branches high up in tall trees and require high light to bloom which occurs in the spring and summer on a erect, short, 2 to 3 flowered inflorescence with fragrant plum scented flowers that do not open well and keep a bell shape, that arises on a new growth.

An interesting quick Identification diagnostic for this species, that my Colombian freinds have passed on, is that C quadricolor's leaves can be rolled up without cracking or breaking, while if done to C trianae the leaf will crack or break.

This species has been known for years as Cattleya quadricolor but Dr Ruben Sauleda after researching all the names available for this species has found that the name Cymbidium candidum Kunth 1816 is the true basionym of this species. I refer you to his publication viewable at New World Orchidaceae Website then scroll down to the Nomenclature Note # 6 June 22 2013 The Proper Name For A Colombian Cattleya Lindl.,

Synonyms Cattleya caucaensis Ballif. 1901; Cattleya chocoensis Linden 1870; Cattleya labiata var trianae subvar chocoensis Veitch 1887; Cattleya quadricolor Lindl. 1853; Cattleya ruckeri Linden 1865; *Cymbidium candidum Kunth 1816

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