Caucaea nubigena (Lindl.) N.H. Williams & M.W. Chase 2001 Photo by Lourens Grobler.

White Flower Photos by Eric Hunt and His Orchid Website


Common Name The Mist Growing Oncidium

Flower Size 1 1/2" [3.75 cm]

Found in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru at elevations of 2500 to 3500 meters as a medium sized, cold growing epiphyte with clustered, narrowly ovoid to conical, somewhat compressed pseudobulbs enveloped basally by several pairs of imbricating sheaths and carrying 1 or 2 apical, linear-elliptic to oblanceolate, acute or acuminate leaves that blooms on a 2' [60 cm] long, slender, erect or arching, purplish green in color, loosely paniculate or racemose inflorescence with several to many [3 to 12], small to medium sized, variable colored flowers occuring in the fall and winter.

Synonyms Caucaea aequinoctialis (Stacy) N.H.Williams & M.W.Chase 2001; Caucaea azuayensis (Kraenzl.) N.H.Williams & M.W.Chase 2001; Caucaea erosilabia (Stacy) N.H.Williams & M.W.Chase 2001; Caucaea tunguraguensis (Stacy) N.H.Williams & M.W.Chase 2001; Oncidium azuayense Kraenzl. 1922; Oncidium cucullatum Lindl. 1838; Oncidium cucullatum Lindl. var. dolabratum J.E.Stacy 1975; Oncidium cucullatum Lindl. var. macrochilum Lindl. 1855; Oncidium cucullatum var. nubigenum (Lindl.) Lindl. 1855; *Oncidium nubigenum Lindl.1833; Oncidium olivaceum var. macrochilum (Lindl.) Sander 1901; Oncidium olivaceum var. nubigenum (Lindl.) Sande 1901

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