Chysis bractescens Lindley 1840 Photo by © Jay Pfahl

Flower Closeup Photo by © Eric Hunt and His Orchid Website

Flower Closeup

Plant and Flowers Photos by © Milan Vágner


Common Name The Bracteate Chysis

Flower Size 3" [7.5 cm]

This species has fat, fusiform, pendulous canes concealed by white, scarious sheaths and carries several apical, linear or oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, undulate leaves that bear flowers from the base of a new growth as it appears in the spring with a pendulous to arching, robust, 12" [30 cm] long, racemose inflorescence with 1"+ , foliaceous, ovate or acuminate, concave bracts that carries up to 10 waxy, fragrant flowers. This beautiful species is found in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua found on trees and occasionally calcareous rocks in humid forests at elevations of 800 to 1500 meters and is a large sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte, that is semi-deciduous.

This species requires a drier winter to insure blooming, and is best grown mounted on tree fern or in baskets to accommodate the pendant canes.

Synonyms Chysis aurea Lindley var bractescens [Lindley]P.H.Allen 1955; Chysis makoyi Heynh. 1846; Thorwaldsenia speciosa Liebm. 1844; Thorvaldsenia speciosa Liebm. 1844

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