Cochlioda vulcanica (Rchb. f.) Benth. & Hook. f. ex B.D. Jacks.1893

Another Inflorescence Photos by Jay Pfahl


Common Name or Meaning The Volcano Cochlioda

Flower Size 1 3/4" [4 cm]

Found at elevations of 1400 to 3000 meters in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru as a cool to cold growing, caespiotse, bifoliate lithophyte, on cliff faces, or epiphyte in the lower reaches of the damp cloud forest high up on exposed branches with an ovoid, laterally compressed pseudobulb having a single, apical, oblong, attenuate to a short, conduplicate petiole, acute leaf that blooms on an basal, axillary, erect to arcuate, to 12" [30 cm] long, racemose inflorescence that is much longer than the leaves and subtended by a leaf or dried leaf sheath with many [6 to 18], widely opening flowers occurring in the late summer and fall on mature pseudobulbs. This species is pollinated by hummingbirds.

Synonyms Cochlioda vulcanica var. splendens Froebel ex Cogn. 1898; *Mesospinidium vulcanicum Rchb. f. 1872; Oncidium vulcanicum [Rchb.f] Chase & NH Wms. 2008

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