Coelogyne dolichopoda Aver. & K.S.Nguyen 2019


Photos by K.S. Nguyen and L. Averyanov and New Orchids (Orchidaceae) in the Flora of Vietnam I. Epidendroideae Website

Partial Shade WarmCool LATE winter EARLIER winter

Common Name or Meaning The Long Stilt Root Coelogyne

Flower Size 1.2" [3 cm]

Found in southeastern Yunnan province of China and northern Vietnam in primary broad-leaved forests at elevations around 500 to 1300 meters as a large to giant sized, warm to cool growing epiphytic and lithophytic vine with a plagiotropic, semi-woody, ascending stem enveloped by densely imbricate, pale yellowish-gray, rigid, obtuse bracts, supported by long, stout stilt roots, with narrowly ovoid to fusiform, somewhat flattened, pale green, erect, distant with 2 to 6.4" [5 to 16 cm] between each pseudobulb enveloped basally by papyraceous, partially disintegrated, pale yellowish-gray bracts and carrying 2, cxoriaceous, broadly oblanceolate to elliptic, acute, with prominent median nerve, and rather indistinct 4 to 6 lateral veins, gradually narrowing below into the shortly, rigid, stout, adaxially sulcate petiolate base leaves that blooms in the late winter and earlier spring on a hysteranthous, pedunculate, 4 to to 8.8" [10 to 22 cm] long, green, slender, thin, suberect to down arching, naked at base and middle, at apex bears distichous cluster of many densely imbricating bracts, rachis arising from apex of bract cluster, bright glossy green, pedulous, distinctly zig-zag, 2.4 to 8.8" [6 to 22 cm] long, laxly, simultaneously many flowered inflorescence with light yellowish brown, papyraceous, obtuse, rhomboid, conduplicate, deciduous, as long as the pedicel floral bracts.

"In floral morphology it somewhat similar to C. griffithii Hook.f. and C. zhenkangensis S.C. Chen & K.Y. Lang from eastern Himalaya and western Yunnan, but strikingly differs in long rhizome supported by prominent stilt roots, distant pseudobulbs, long pendulous scape and many flowered drooping rachis. From closest C. griffithii new species differs also in long lip, about three time longer than broad with entire blunt to obtuse apex (vs. lip less than twice long as broad with distinctly retuse or bilobulate apex). In general habit of new species also somewhat resembles C. ecarinata C. Schweinf described from upper Myanmar but differs in pendulous inflorescence, flowers color and distinctly carinate lip." Aver. & K.S.Nguyen 2019


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