!Corallorrhiza trifida Chatelain 1760

Photo by © Carl Luer


Photo by © Pieter C. Brouwer and his Photo Website

Another Plant

Photo by © T.H.Pain and the Orchids of France and Europe

C trifida var. verna

Photo by © Leon Glicenstein

Plants in situ var. verna

Photo by © Zachary Bradford


Common Name Northern Coral-Root - The Early Coral-Root - in China Shan Shu Lan

Flower Size 1/3" [1 cm]

found in Greenland, Iceland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, France, Denmark, Germany, Czechslovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, western Russia, central Russia, eastern Russia, western Siberia, Kazakistan, Kirgistan, eastern Siberia, Mongolia, China, Korea, western Himalayas, Pakistan, Nepal, Alaska, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchuan, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Islands, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Labrador, Newfoundland, Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine in northern montane woodlands, marshes, wet dune slacks and beechwood and conifer forests at elevations up to 2300 meters as a small sized, cold growing, mycoheterotrophic, leafless terrestrial with a hairless, yellowish stem enveloped by 2 to 4 sheaths and has scale like bracts that blooms in the spring and early summer on a lax, 2 to 10 flowered inflorescence with small, slightly pendant flowers.

Synonyms Corallorrhiza anandae Malhotra & Balodi 1984 publ. 1985; Corallorhiza corallorhiza (L.) H.Karst. 1886; Corallorhiza corallorhiza subsp. coloradensis Cockerell 1916; Corallorhiza dentata Host 1831; Corallorhiza ericetorum Drejer 1843; Corallorhiza halleri (L.) Rich. 1817; Corallorhiza innata R.Br. 1813; Corallorhiza innata subsp. ericetorum (Drejer) Nyman 1882; Corallorhiza innata var. ericetorum (Drejer) Rchb.f. 1851; Corallorhiza innata var. virescens (Drejer) Farr 1904; Corallorrhiza intacta Cham. 1828; Corallorrhiza integra Ch‚tel. 1760; Corallorrhiza jacquemontii Decne. 1844; Corallorhiza nemoralis Sw. ex Nyman 1882; Corallorrhiza neottia Scop. 1772; Corallorhiza occidentalis Bach.Pyl. 1826; Corallorhiza trifida f. ericetorum (Drejer) Soů 1928; Corallorhiza trifida f. integra (Ch‚tel.) Soů 1928; Corallorhiza trifida f. suaveolens Bordz. 1950; Corallorhiza trifida f. verna (Nutt.) P.M.Br. 2006; Corallorrhiza trifida subsp. virescens (Drejer) LÝjtnant 1996; Corallorhiza trifida var. ericetorum (Drejer) Rchb.f. 1851; Corallorrhiza trifida var. verna (Nutt.) Fernald 1946; Corallorrhiza trifida var. virescens (Drejer) Farw. 1941; Corallorhiza verna Nutt. 1823; Corallorhiza virescens Drejer ex Heynh. 1843; Corallorrhiza wyomingensis Hellm. & K.Hellm. 1931; Cymbidium corallorrhiza [L.] Sw. 1800; Epidendrum corallorrhizon (L.) Poir. 1810; Epipactis corallorrhiza (L.) Crantz 1769; Helleborine corallorrhiza (L.) F.W.Schmidt 1793; Neottia corallorrhiza (L.) Kuntze 1891; *Ophrys corallorrhiza Linne 1753

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