Cymbidium finlaysonianum Wall. ex Lindl. 1833 SECTION Cymbidium Hunt 1970 Photo By Jay Pfahl

Another View Photo by Eric Hunt, plant grown by OrchidMania

Common Name Finlayson's Cymbidium [English Orchid Collector in India 1800's] - In Thailand - Kare Karawn pakpet

Flower Size to 2 2/5" [6 cm]

A large sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte on large trees and old rubber trees or on exposed rocks, cliffs and rocky limestone outcrops with collected humus as a lithophyte occuring in Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sumatra, Suluwesi and on to the Philippines at elevations around sea level to 1200 meters in lowlands near the sea in exposed locations with short, conical-ovoid pseudobulbs enveloped completely by several leaf bases and carrying to 5 to 7, thick, fleshy, narrowly lanceolate, rounded and unequally bilobed apically, articulated to the base leaves that blooms in the winter and spring on a 2' to 5' [60 to 150 cm] long, slender, pendulous, laxly, many flowered inflorescence with inflated, basal floral sheaths and carrying fragrant flowers.

In Borneo people keep plants of this species in their houses to ward off evil spirits. Also sprinkling chewed roots of this species over an elephant is thought to cure it.

Synonyms Cymbidium pendulum var brevilabre Lindl. 1842; Cymbidium tricolor Miq. 1864; Cymbidium wallichii Lindl. 1833

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Cymbidium finlaysonianum var flava

Inflorescence Photo courtesy of Vortex Orchids