Cymbidium kanran Makino 1902 SUBGENUS Jensoa [Raf.] Schlechter 1924 Photo by Lourens Grobler.

Inflorescence Photo courtesy of First Ray Orchids


Common Name The Cold Growing Cymbidium - In Japan - Kanran - In China Han Lan

Flower Size 2 to 3" [5 to 7.5 cm]

A medium to large sized, cold to cool growing terrestrial species found in north Vietnam and southern China in deep shade in open forests at elevations of 700 to 1800 meters with narrowly ovoid, often conspicuous pseduobulbs enveloped by scarious cataphylls and broad sheathing bases carrying 3 to 5, linear to linear-elliptic, acuminte, arching, dark green, shining leaves that often have serrulate margins towards the apex that blooms on a basal, erect, 20" [50 cm] long, many [10+] flowered, racemose inflorescence with the strongly lemon peel scented flowers held above the leaves occuring in the winter.

Synonyms Cymbidium kanran f. purpurascens Makino 1902; Cymbidium kanran var. purpureo-hiemale (Hayata) S.S.Ying 1977; Cymbidium linearisepalum Yamam. 1930; Cymbidium linearisepalum f. atropurpureum Yamam. 1932; Cymbidium linearisepalum f. atrovirens Yamam. 1930; Cymbidium linearisepalum var. atropurpureum (Yamam.) Masam. 1933; Cymbidium nigrovenium Z.J.Liu & J.N.Zhang 1998; Cymbidium oreophilum Hayata 1914; Cymbidium purpureohiemale Hayata 1914; Cymbidium sinokanran Yen 1964; Cymbidium sinokanran var. atropurpureum T.C.Yen 1964; Cymbidium tosyaense Masam. 1935

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