Cyrtochilum falcipetalum (Lindl.) Kraenzl. 1917 SECTION Eucyrtochilum Kranzlin Photo by Guido Deburghgraeve


Common Name The Sickle-Petal Cyrtochilum

Flower Size to 3" [7.5 cm]

A large sized, cool to cold growing epiphyte, terrestrial or occasional lithophyte found in Venezuela and Colombia at elevations of 1800 to 2700 meters in montane forests with ovoid or subcylindrical pseudobulbs carrying 1 to rarely 2 oblanceolate to narrowly elliptic, acute or shortly acuminate leaves and blooms in the spring on a basal, from the leaf bearing sheaths, arching, 10' [300 cm] long overall, stout, terete, flexuous, paniculate, loosely and irregularily short branched, successivvely many flowered inflorescence carrying up to 6 sometimes to 10 flowers per branch.

This orchid can sometimes produce plantlets at the nodes of the inflorescence

The C falcipetalum group consists of C detortum, pozoi, lamelligerum, verstraeteanum and C falcipetalum.

Synonyms Cyrtochilum pavonii (Rchb. f.) Kraenzl. ex Kraenzl. 1922: *Oncidium falcipetalum Lindl. 1846; Oncidium falcipetalum var. pavonii Rchb. f. ex Lindl. 1855;

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