Dactylorhiza romana (Sebastiani) So 1962 Photo courtesy of P.-M. Blais and the Orchids of France and Europe Page

D sambucina Group

Common Name The Roman Dactylorhiza

Flower Size .4" [1 cm]

A small to medium sized, cool growing terrestrial species found in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Sicily, Italy, Yugoslavia, Albania, Eastern Aegean Islands, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Lebanon, Syria, Turkemenistan and Iran in scrub and open woodlands up to elevations of 2000 meters with 2 to 3 basal, brown sheaths and to 10 linear-lanceolate leaves that blooms on an erect, 6 to 14" [15 to 35 cm] long, terminal, densely many flowered, racemose inflorescence with leaf-like bracts occuring in the spring.

SynonymsDactylorhiza cantabrica H.A.Pedersen 2006; Dactylorhiza libanotica (Mouterde) Aver. 1984; Dactylorchis romana (Sebast. & Mauri) Verm. 1947; Dactylorhiza romana subsp. guimaraesii (E.G.Camus) H.A.Pedersen 2006; Dactylorhiza romana subsp. libanotica (Mouterde) Kreutz 2007; Dactylorhiza ruprechtii Aver. 1983; Dactylorhiza sambucina f. zimmermannii (A.Camus) P.Delforge 2007; Dactylorhiza sambucina subsp. cantabrica (H.A.Pedersen) Kreutz 2007; Dactylorhiza sambucina subsp. georgica (Klinge) H.Sund. 1980; Dactylorhiza sambucina subsp. pseudosambucina (Tenore) Sundermann 1980; Dactylorhiza sambucina subsp. romana (Sebast.) Bornm. 1927; Dactylorhiza sulphurea (Link) Franco 1978; Dactylorhiza sulphurea subsp. georgica (Klinge) Herrero & .Snchez 2010; Dactylorhiza sulfurea subsp. pseudosambucina (Tenore) Franco comb. inval. 1980; Orchis bracteata Ten. 1811; Orchis fasciculata var. obtusifolia Tineo 1845; Orchis lucana Spreng 1815; Orchis mediterranea Klinge nom. illeg. 1899; Orchis mediterranea subsp. georgica Klinge 1898; Orchis mediterranea subsp. pseudosambucina (Tenore) Klinge comb. illeg ?; Orchis natalis Tineo 1817; Orchis ochroleuca Schur 1866; Orchis pseudosabucina Tenore 1815; Orchis pseudosambucina var. natalis (Tineo) Nyman 1882; *Orchis romana Sebastiani 1813; Orchis romana f. markusii (Tineo) So 1927; Orchis romana f. obtusifolia (Tineo) So 1927; Orchis romana lusus bicolor G.Keller 1933; Orchis romana lusus flavescens (K.Koch) So 1927; Orchis romana lusus sulphurea (Link) So 1929; Orchis romana lusus tenuifolia So 1927; Orchis romana subsp. georgica (Klinge) E.G.Camus 1908; Orchis romana subsp. libanotica Mouterde 1966; Orchis romana var. georgica (Klinge) Schltr. 1927; Orchis romana var. incarnata E.G.Camus & A.Camus 1928; Orchis romana var. insularis (Sommier) E.G.Camus 1908; Orchis romana var. lutea E.G.Camus & A.Camus 1928; Orchis sambucina Brot. 1804; Orchis siciliensis Klinge 1898; Orchis tenuifolia K.Koch 1849

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