Dactylorhiza sambucina (L.) Soó 1962

Both Color Forms Photo by Pieter C. Brouwer and his Nature Photo Website


Dactylorhiza sambucina Group

Common Name The Elder-Scented Dactylorhiza

Flower Size 1" [2.5 cm]

Found in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, France, Corsica, Sardinia, Denmark, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland , Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltics as a miniature to small sized, cold growing terrestrial in mostly full sun, on calcareous to slighly acidic soils in dry to damp substrates in short, poor grasslands, meadows, montane pastures, open woodlands at elevations up to 2600 meters with a robust and squat plant and has a thick, hollow stem carrying 4 to7, unspotted, pale green, well spaced on the stem, lanceolate, uppermost, 1 to 2, smaller, linear-lanceolate, bract-like leaves that blooms on a dense, initially ovoid and then nearly cylindrical, 4 to 12" [10 to 30 cm] long, green inflorescence with a slight fragrance reminiscent of elder

Synonyms Dactylorhiza fasciculata (Tineo) H.Baumann & Knkele 1981; Dactylorhiza latifolia f. rubra (Winterl) D.Tyteca & Gathoye 1990; Dactylorhiza sambucina f. chusae C.E.Hermos. 2000; Dactylorhiza sambucina f. robusta (Neuman) So 1970 publ. 1971; Dactylorhiza sambucina f. hybrida [Zimm] Kumpell 2001 publ. 2002; Dactylorhiza sambucina f. rubra (Winterl) Hyl. 1966; Dactylorhiza sambucina f. rubrobracteata (Harz ex Schltdl., Langeth. & Schenk) Soo 1970 publ. 1971; Dactylorhiza sambucina lusus incarnata (Gaudin) So 1962; Dactylorhiza sambucina subsp. laurentina (R.Bolos ex Vayr.) Malag. 1968; Dactylorhiza sambucina var. hungarica (So) So 1962; Dactylorhiza sambucina var. hybrida (W.Zimm.) Peitz 1972; Dactylorhiza sambucina var. laurentina (R.Bolos ex Vayr.) So 1962; Orchis fasciculata Tineo 1844; Orchis incarnata Willd. 1805; Orchis incarnata var. sambucina (L.) Lapeyr. ex Bubani 1897; Orchis laurentina R.Bolos ex Vayr.1880; Orchis lutea Dulac 1867; Orchis lutea var. subfusca Rchb.f.?; Orchis pallens Moritzi 1844; Orchis pseudosambucina var. fasciculata (Tineo) Nyman 1882; Orchis saccata Rchb. 1830; Orchis salina Fronius 1857; *Orchis sambucina L. 1755; Orchis sambucina laurentina (R.Bolos ex Vayr.) Willk. 1893; Orchis sambucina f. barlae Rouy 1912; Orchis sambucina f. bracteata M.Schulze 1889; Orchis sambucina f. hungarica So 1927; Orchis sambucina f. lanceolata W.Zimm. 1916; Orchis sambucina f. laurentina (R.Bolos ex Vayr.) So 1927; Orchis sambucina f. obovata W.Zimm. 1916; Orchis sambucina f. purpurea (W.D.J.Koch) Neuman 1901; Orchis sambucina f. rubrobracteata Harz ex Schltdl. 1895; Orchis sambucina f. tripartita A.Fuchs 1921; Orchis sambucina lusus candida Cariot & St.-Lag. 1889; Orchis sambucina lusus hybrida W.Zimm. 1916; Orchis sambucina lusus incarnata (Gaudin) So 1928; Orchis sambucina lusus lutea W.Zimm 1912; Orchis sambucina lusus luteopurpurea (Rouy) G.Keller & So 1933; Orchis sambucina lusus rubra (Winterl) So 1933; Orchis sambucina monstr. subregalis So 1933; Orchis sambucina subsp. insularis (Sommier) Briq. 1910; Orchis sambucina subsp. laurentina (R.Bolos ex Vayr.) Malag. 1968; Orchis sambucina subvar. luteopurpurea Rouy 1912; Orchis sambucina subvar. purpurea (W.D.J.Koch) Rouy 1912; Orchis sambucina var. bracteata (M.Schulze) Harz 1895; Orchis sambucina var. hungarica (So) A.Camus 1928; Orchis sambucina var. incarnata Gaudin 1829; Orchis sambucina var. insularis (Sommier) Fiori 1896; Orchis sambucina var. laurentina (R.Bolos ex Vayr.) So 1962; Orchis sambucina var. lutea E.G.Camus 1928; Orchis sambucina var. purpurea W.D.J.Koch 1837; Orchis sambucina var. purpurascens R.Hinterh. & J.Hinterh. 1851; Orchis sambucina var. robusta Neuman 1901; Orchis sambucina var. rubra Winterl 1788; Orchis sambucina var. zimmermannii A.Camus 1928; Orchis schleicheri Sweet 1827; Orchis subfusca (Rchb.f.) Murb. 1899

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