Dendrobium crepidatum Lindl. & Paxton 1850 SECTION Dendrobium Photo by Lourens Grobler

FragrancePart sunWarm TO CoolSpring

Common Name The Shoe-Lip Dendrobium [refers to the cavity at the base of the column foot] - In China Mei Gui Shi Hu - In Thailand Ueang Sai Nam Khieo

Flower Size 1 to 1.8" [2.5 to 4.6 cm]

Found from Hainan China, Assam, Bangladesh, eastern Himalayas, India, Nepal, Sikkim, western Himalayas, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam at elevations of 600 to 2100 meters as a small to medium sized, cool to warm growing epiphyte occuring on tree trunks as a suberect to pendant growing orchid that is best mounted on tree fern or cork. This species has tufted, suberect to pendulous, terete, striated, to 18" [to 45 cm] long, many noded stems each covered with a papery sheath, and carrying 5 to 9, oblong to narrowly lanceolate, acute leavesblooms in the spring on a short, purple inflorescence with the 1 to 4 shiny, waxy, delicately fragrant, longlasting flowers arising from near the apex of year old leafless stems. Drying out of the plant during the winter is nessasary with occasional waterings and no fertilizer until the initiation of new growth in the spring.

Synonyms Callista crepidata (Lindl. & Paxton) Kuntze 1891; Callista lawiana (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891; Dendrobium actinomorphum Blatt. & Halb. 1921; Dendrobium lawanum Lindley 1859; Dendrochilum roseum Dalzell 1852

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Dendrobium crepidatum Griff. 1851 var album Photo by Beau

An albino version of the previous species.

Dendrobium crepidatum Griff. 1851 var assamicum Photos by Eric Hunt and his Orchid Species Photo Website

A territorial variation of D crepidatum AOS Bulletin Vol 47 No 11 1978 photo fide; Wild Orchids in Myanmar Tanaka 2007 photo fide;