Dendrochilum longifolium Rchb. f. 1856 SECTION Platyclinis [Benth.] Pfitzer

Photo by © Lourens Grobler

Another View

Photo by André Schuiteman, courtesy of Dr. E.F. de Vogel and Jaap Vermeulen and Their Netherlands National Herbarium Website. and Flora Malesiana Vol III

Plant and Inflorescence

Flower Closeup

Photo courtesy of Weyman Bussey Copyrighted ©

Common Name Long-leafed Dendrochilum

Flower Size about 1/2" [1.25 cm]

Found in penninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java and Borneo as well as New Guinea and the Philippines at elevations of 450 to 2600 meters on horizontal, mossy tree branches, old mangroves or rocks or cliff faces in semi-exposed locations as a medium to large sized, warm to cold growing epiphyte, terrestrial oroccasional lithophyte with narrow, conical, pale green pseudobulbs carrying a solitary, apical, lanceolate-elliptic, acute, gradually narrowing below into the 3" [9 cm] long, petiolate base leaf that blooms masly in the late summer but is possible at any time of the year on a terminal, very slender, gracefully arching, 16" [40 cm] long, densely many [40] flowered inflorescence with broad, distichous bracts as long as the ovary arising with a new growth and carrying very fragrant flowers arranged in two rows.

Comber stated that this species was an epiphyte at lower elevations but that around 2600 meters it was found as a terrestrial in poor grasslands in Papua New Guinea

Said to be close to D krausianum but that the side lobes are quite different and this one has smooth margins.

Synonyms Acoridium bracteosum (Rchb.f.) Rolfe 1904; Acoridium longifolium (Rchb. f.) Rolfe 1904; Dendrochilum amboinense J.J.Sm. 1919; Dendrochilum bartonii (Ridl.) Schltr. 1911; Dendrochilum bracteosum Rchb.f 1861; Dendrochilum clemensiae Ames 1908; Dendrochilum fuscum Teijsm. & Binn. 1862; Dendrochilum longifolium Rchb.f var buruense J.J.Sm. 1928; Dendrochilum macrobulbon Kraenzl 1907; Platyclinis bartoni Ridl. 1908; Platyclinis longifolia Hemsl. 1881

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