Dockrillia striolata (Rchb. f.) Rauschert 1983

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Common Name Streaked Dockrillia - In Australia The Yellow Rock Orchid - The Streaked Rock Orchid

Flower Size to 1/2" [to 1.25 cm]

A lithophytic, Australian species found from New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania Australia on cliff faces and granite boulders up to 1000 meters in elevation in exposed locations, and is a mini-miniature sized, warm to cold growing lithophyte with sympodial, pendulous stems carrying a single, apical, terete, dorsally grooved leaf that blooms in the spring with a 1 3/5" to 4 1/4" [4 to 11 cm] long, slender stemmed raceme with 1 to 2, non-resupinate fragrant flowers.

Synonyms Callista striolata [Rchb.f] O. Ktze 1891; Callista teretifolia (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891; Dendrobium milligani F. Mueller 1888; *Dendrobium striolatum Rchb.f 1857; Dendrobium striolatum Rchb.f var beckleri [F. Muell.]F.M.Bailey 1986; Dendrobium teretifolium Lindley not R. Brown or Blanco 1839; Dockrillia striolata subsp. chrysantha D.L.Jones 1998

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