Dockrillia wassellii [S.T.Blake] Breiger 1981 SECTION Dockrillia Photo courtesy of First Ray Orchids

Flower Closeup

Microscopic Inflorescence Picture Photos by of Jay Pfahl

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Common Name Wassel's Dockrillia - The Furrowed Pencil Orchid

Flower Size 1 1/4" [3.25 cm]

Found in Queensland Australia as an epiphytic and occassional lithophytic species from the far North east on the trunks of trees at the edge of the rainforest at elevations around 300 meters where it is an hot to warm grower that blooms from spring through summer.

Best mounted on cork to accomodate it's rambling growth habit. This orchid has a creeping, branched stem carrying stiffly erect, nearly terete, hard, dull green, longitudinally furrowed 5 times pseuobulbs that blooms in the spring, summer and fall on an erect, 4 to 8" [10 to 20 cm] long, 10 to 60 flowered inflorescence carrying densely crowded flowers.

Synonyms Dendrobium wassellii S. T. Blake 1963

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