Epipactis microphylla (Ehrh.) Sw. 1800 Photo by Dr W Juergen Shrenk

Inflorescence Photo by Pascal Pernot and the Orchids of France and Europe


Common Name The Tiny-Leafed Epipactis

Flower Size 1/3" [1 cm]

Found in Spain, France, Balaeric Islands, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Italy, Austria, Czachloslavakia, Belgium, Germany, Hunagary, Poland, Yugoslavia Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Turkey and Iran in shaded woods mostly in calcerous soils at elevations of sealevel to 1700 meters as a miniature to medium sized, cool to cold growing terrestrial and has the most slender stem of the genus carrying gray-green, small leaves and blooms on a 6 to 12" [15 to 30 cm] long, pubescent, few to many [5 to 20] flowered inflorescence occuring in the summer.

Cited by many authorities to be a synonym of E atropurpurea. I have left it separate but it is very similar in flower shape, the major difference seems to be the color.

Synonyms Amesia microphylla (Ehrh.) A.Nelson & J.F.Macbr. 1913; Amesia monticola (Schltr.) Hu 1925; Epipactis athensis Lej. 1813; Epipactis atrorubens Rostk. ex Spreng. 1826; Epipactis intermedia Schur 1866; Epipactis latifolia subsp. microphylla (Ehrh.) Bonnier & Layens 1894; Epipactis latifolia subsp. parvifolia (Pers.) K.Richt. 1890; Epipactis latifolia var. microphylla (Ehrh.) DC. 1815; Epipactis microphylla f. canescens (Irmisch) E.G.Camus 1929; Epipactis microphylla subsp. intermedia (Schur) K.Richt. 1890; Epipactis microphylla var. canescens Irmisch 1846; Epipactis microphylla var. glabrescens Velen. 1902; Epipactis microphylla var. intermedia Schur 1866; Epipactis microphylla var. nuda Irmisch 1846; Helleborine microphylla (Ehrh.) Schinz & Thell. 1908; Limodorum microphyllum (Ehrh.) Kuntze 1891; Serapias athensis (Lej.) Hocq. 1814; Serapias latifolia var. microphylla (Ehrh.) Pers.1807; Serapias latifolia var. parvifolia Pers. 1807*Serapias microphylla Ehrh. 1785

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