Epipactis purpurata G.E. Smith 1828 Photo courtesy of P.-M. Blais and the Orchids of France and Europe


Common Name The Purple Epipactis - The Violet Helleborine

Flower Size 4/5" [2 cm]

Found in Great Britain, Denmark, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Czechloslavakia, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine at elevations up to 1500 meters as a small to medium sized, cool to cold growing terrestrial found on limestone in shady, deciduous or coniferous forests with an erect, gray haired, violet tinged stem carrying 6 to 10, grayish-green, purple-tinged, spirally arranged, small, ovate-lanceolate to lanceolate leaves that blooms in the summer on an erect, terminal, 6 to 12" [15 to 30 cm] long, densely many flowered inflorescence with nodding, slightly scented flowers.

Synonyms Epipactis halacsyi Robatsch 1990; Epipactis helleborine subsp. varians (Crantz) Sund 1980; Epipactis helleborine subsp. viridiflora (Hoffm.) O.Schwarz 1949; Epipactis helleborine var. varians Crantz 1769; Epipactis helleborine var. violacea (Dur.-Doq.) Rchb.f. 1851; Epipactis helleborine var. viridiflora (Hoffm.) Bordz. 1950; Epipactis latifolia f. foliosa Leimbach ex Dichtl 1883; Epipactis latifolia f. varians (Crantz) Dichtl 1883; Epipactis latifolia lusus rosea Erdner 1907; Epipactis latifolia subsp. purpurata (Sm.) K.Richt. 1890; Epipactis latifolia subsp. purpurea Celak. 1881; Epipactis latifolia subsp. varians (Crantz) K.Richt. 1890; Epipactis latifolia subsp. violacea (Dur.-Doq.) E.G.Camus 1908; Epipactis latifolia subsp. viridiflora (Hoffm.) E.G.Camus 1908; Epipactis latifolia var. brevifolia Irmisch 1842; Epipactis latifolia var. purpurata (Sm.) Nyman 1882; Epipactis latifolia var. purpurea (Celak.) Asch. & Graebn. 1907; Epipactis latifolia var. varians (Crantz) Asch. 186; Epipactis latifolia var. violacea Dur.-Doq. 1846; Epipactis latifolia var. viridiflora (Hoffm.) Irmisch 1842; Epipactis macropodia var. viridiflora (Hoffm.) Peterm. 1841; Epipactis pollinensis B.Baumann & H.Baumann 2000; Epipactis pseudopurpurata Mered'a 1996; Epipactis purpurata f. chlorophylla (Seeland) P.Delforge 2009; Epipactis purpurata subsp. halacsyi (Robatsch) Kreutz 2007; Epipactis purpurata subsp. kuenkeleana (Akhalk., H.Baumann, R.Lorenz & Mosul.) Kreutz 2006; Epipactis purpurata subsp. pollinensis (B.Baumann & H.Baumann) Kreutz 2006; Epipactis purpurata subsp. pseudopurpurata (Mered'a) Kreutz 2006; Epipactis purpurata subsp. rechingeri (Renz) Kreutz 2006; Epipactis purpurata var. pollinensis (B.Baumann & H.Baumann) P.Delforge 2006; Epipactis purpurata var. rosea (Erdner) Kreutz 2006; Epipactis rubiginosa var. stenopetala Waisb. 1908; Epipactis sessilifolia Petermann 1844; Epipactis varians Crantz. 1769; Epipactis violacea (Durand-Duqueney) Boreau 1857; Epipactis violacea f. chlorophylla Seeland 1929; Epipactis viridiflora (Hoffm.) Krock. 1814; Epipactis viridiflora subsp. halacsyi (Robatsch) H.Baumann & R.Lorenz 2005; Epipactis viridiflora subsp. kuenkeleana Akhalk., H.Baumann, R.Lorenz & Mosul. 2005; Epipactis viridiflora subsp. pollinensis (B.Baumann & H.Baumann) H.Baumann & R.Lorenz 2005; Epipactis viridiflora subsp. pseudopurpurata (Mered'a) Kreutz 2004; Epipactis viridiflora var. pollinensis (B.Baumann & H.Baumann) Kreutz 2004; Epipactis viridiflora var. rosea (Erdner) Kreutz 2004; Helleborine purpurata (Smith) Druce 1909; Helleborine sessilifolia (Peterm.) Druce 1905; Helleborine varians (Crantz) O.Schwarz 1936; Helleborine violacea (Boreau) Druce 1907; Helleborine violacea (Dur.-Doq.) Druce 1907; Helleborine viridiflora (Hoffm. ex Krock.) Wheldon & Travis 1913; Limodorum violaceum (Dur.-Doq.) Kuntze 1891; Serapias latifolia var. sylvestris Pers. 1807; Serapias latifolia viridiflora Hoffm.1804; Serapias sessilifolia (Peterm.) A.A.Eaton 1908

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