Epidendrum propinquum A. Rich. & Galeotti 1845 GROUP Conopseum SUBGROUP Propinquum

Photo by © Patricia Harding


Photo by © Dale and Deni Borders


Drawing by © Jimenez, Hágsater & E.Santiago and The AMO Herbario Website

Part Part SunWarm ColdSpring THROUGHFall

Common Name The Closely Related Epidendrum

Flower Size 3/4" [2 cm]

Found in central and southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador from oak, pine/oak and evergreen cloud forests at elevations of 500 to 2700 meters as a medium to giant sized, warm to cold growing reed stem terrestrial and sometimes epiphytic species with erect, terete, basally thicker, elongate cane-like main stems carrying 3 to 6 near apical leaves, branching profusely stems, each branch smaller and shorter, carrying 2 to 4 towards the apex leaves which are thin, subcoriaceous, narrowly elliptic, acute, becoming conduplicate towards the clasping base, sessile leaves, that blooms in the spring through fall on a terminal, short peduncle .2 to 1" [0.5 to 2.5 cm], filiform, provided at the base with a triangular, acuminate bract, arcuate, rachis zig-zag, 1.2 to 2.4" [3 to 6 cm] long overall, simultaneously 2 to 10 flowered inflorescence with narrowly triangular, acuminate, much shorter to almost as long as the ovary floral bracts and carrying slightly fragrant flowers.

This orchid can rarely form adventichous, aerial roots from the inferior branches.

"Epidendrum propinquum is part of GROUP Conopseum SUBGROUP Propinquum characterized by a sympodial, bush-like habit with thin stems carrying subcoriaceous leaves and blooms on a racemose, few flowered inflorescence with mostly yellow to pale green flowers sometimes marked with purple. The species is recognized by the bush-like habit, with roots only at the base of the plant, the relatively wide, .56 to .76" [14 to 19 mm], grassy leaves, the ovary does not form any vesicle near the perianth, the racemes originate from the apex of leafy stems, the triangular, and acuminate bracts, Epidendrum ledifolium A Rich, & Galeotti has leathery, thicker leaves, .16 to .28 [4 to 7 mm] wide, acute sepals and the bracts are linear-oblong, not acuminate, the apex of the column and the anther are usually red or purple, Epidendrum lignosum La Llave & Lex, (Kew considers this one a synonym of E lignosum), though similar to E, ledifolium produces the racemes from leafless shoots. Epidendrum skutchii Ames, FT,Hubb. & C.Schweinf. has very long, narrow leaves up to 7.2" x .28" [18 x 0.7 cm], and the lip has radiating keels on the disc in addition to the calli and the central keel,

Synonyms Epidendrum chimalapense Hágsater & Salazar 1999; Epidendrum cingillum Rchb.f. 1882; Epidendrum lamprocaulon Rchb.f. 1852;

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