Epipogium roseum (D. Don) Lindl. 1857

Photo by David Kuehn

Full shade Warm to Hot Springand EARLYSummer

Common Name The Rose Epipogium - In Australia The Ghost Orchid or The Leafless Nodding Orchid - In China Hu She Lan

Flower Size about 1" [about 2.5 cm]

Found in Ghana, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Gulf of Guinea Island, Zaire, Kenya, Uganda, Angola, Malawi, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan, lower India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, western Himalayas, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Japan, Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, Malaysia, Java, Lesser Sunda Islands, Moluccas, the Philippines, Sumatra, Timor, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Queensland and New South Wales Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu in broadleafed, evergreen, humid, primary forests at elevations of 100 to 2000 meters as a medium sized, warm growing, mycoheterotrophic, terrestrial species from as a small to large sized, hot to cool growing, erect, leafless, Mycoheterotrophic terrestrial orchid with an ovoid, horizontal tuber giving rise to an erect, 2' tall, hollow, fleshy stem that is basally brownish and becoming nearly white towards the apex and carrying a few distant bracts that blooms on an erect, to 2' 10" [80 cm] long, many flowered inflorescence arising in the spring and summer.

Synonyms Ceratopsis rosea Lindl. 1840; Epipogium africanus Schltr. 1911; Epipogium dentilabellum Ohtani & S.Suzuki 1961; Epipogium guilfoylei FvM. 1872; Epipogium indicum H.J.Chowdhery, G.D.Pal & G.S.Giri 1993; Epipogium kassnerianum Kraenzl. 1914; Epipogium kusukusense (Hayata) Schltr. 1919; Epipogon makinoanus Schltr. 1919; Epipogium nutans Rchb.f 1857; Epipogium nutans var celebicus Schltr. 1911; Epipogium pooneranthum Fukuy. 1942; Epipogium rolfei (Hayata) Schltr. 1911; Epipogium sessanum S.N.Hegde & A.N.Rao 1982; Epipogium sinicum C.L.Tso 1933; Epipogium tuberosum Duthie 1906; Galera kusukusensis Hayata 1914; Galera nutans Bl. 1825; Galera rolfei Hayata 1911; Galera rosea Blume 1856; Gastrodia schinziana Kraenzl. 1929; *Limodorum roseum D. Don 1825; Stereosandra schinziana (Kraenzl.) Garay 1954

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