Epidendrum uribei A.D.Hawkes 1957 GROUP Andean SUBGROUP Moritzii

Drawing as E cebolleta by Schlechter

Partial shade

Common Name Uribe's Epidendrum

Flower Size

Found in Cundinamarca department of Colombia at elevations of 2600 to 2800 meters as a small sized, cold growing epiphyte with erect, cane-like, simple stems carrying 1 to sometimes 2, erect-patent, thicklt fleshy, subulate-obtuse, longitudinally sulcate above leaves that blooms in the late winter and early spring on a terminal, arising through a .6" [4 cm] long, compressed, obtuse spathe, thin, arcuate, peduncle 2 to 2.4" [5 to 6 cm] long, 10" [25 cm] long overall, densely many flowered inflorescence with small, thin, ovate, acumnate, much shorter than the ovary floral bracts and carrying erect-patent, glabrous flowers similar to E moritzii.

"Epidendrum uribei A.D.Hawkes (basionym: Epidendrum cebolleta Schltr.) belongs to the GROUP Andean SUBGROUP Moritzii characterized by the one-leaved stem, single parallel-sided spathaceous bract, a 3 lobed, membranaceous lip with 2 calli, the margin of the lateral lobes more or less erose to dentate. The species is recognized by the semi-terete, fleshy leaves, and smaller flowers, sepals .4" [10 mm] long, the midlobe of the lip proportionately shorter and wider. Epidendrum chiquiribambense has a very tall inflorescence, relatively large flowers (for the group), sepals .52" [13 mm] long, 2 calli, and several parallel to radiating, short, keels. Epidendrum moritzii Rchb.f. has oblong, coriaceous, flat leaves, similar sized flowers, sepals .52" [13 mm] long, but the column is straight, and the disc of the lip only has the 2 calli and a single short thickened keel in the middle, without the radiating, short thickened keels." Adapted from E chiquiribambense Icones 12 Plate 1222 Hagaster etal 2009

Synonyms Epidendrum cebolleta Schltr. 1920

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