Eria floribunda Lindl. 1828 SECTION Urostachya TYPE for the Section

Flower Closeup

Inflorescence Photos by John Varigos

Part shade WarmCold LATE Spring

Common Name Floriferous Eria - In China Ni Mao Lan

Flower Size 1/4" [55 mm]

Found in Myanmar, penninsular Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysian penninsula, Sumatra, Java, Borneo and the Philippines in primary montane forests as a small to medium sized, warm to cold growing epiphyte on large trees along streams at elevations of 500 to 2400 meters with erect, stem-like, narrowly ellipsoid pseudobulbs carrying 2 to 5, apical, linear-lanceolate to elliptic, acute, soft leaves that blooms in the spring on an axillary, 8" [20 cm] long, densely many flowered, racemose inflorescence that arise, several at a time, from the nodes on the upper half of the pseudobulb.

The three species, E floribunda, E densa and E pachystachya are often confused, I am sure that these three species are now correct on the site and each one match Seidenfaden's drawings exactly.

Plant in a pot with medium fine bark and treefern mix and give bright shade with a regular weekly fertilizing while growing and a lessening when not.

Synonyms Eria euryantha Schltr. 1911; Eria giungii Guillaumin 1953; Eria leucostachya Lindl. 1848; Eria subaliena Gagnep. 1930; Pinalia floribunda (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891; Trias floribunda (Lindl.) Mason, Burmah 1860; Urostachya euryantha (Schltr.) Brieger 1981; Urostachya floribunda (Lindl.) F.G.Brieger 1981

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