Eurystyles colombiana (Schltr.) Schltr. 1925

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TYPE Drawing TYPE Drawing by Schlechter

Full shade

Common Name The Colombian Eurystyles

Flower Size

Found in southwestern Colombia and Ecuador as a mini-miniature sized epiphyte with a basal rosette of ciliate, variable in size, obovate-elliptic to spathulate, acute to sub-acute leaves that blooms on an erect, terminal, hispid, compact, densely several flowered inflorescence with sub-erect to spreading, ovate-lanceolate, acuminate, ciliate-denticulate margins, as long or longer than the flowers and carrying membraneous, small, greenish white flowers.

Often cited as a synonym of E cotyledon but E colombiana differs most in the ciliate leaves, the erect inflorescence, the ciliate-denticulate margins of the floral bracts, the distinctly dorsally serrulate-carinate dorsal sepal, the linear-oblong, obtuse, dorsally serrulate-carinate lateral sepals, the petals that are connivent with the dorsal sepal that are slightly thickened at the obtuse apex, the terminal part of the lip apex sub-orbuicular, papillose-ciliate, the main disc pandurate and the ovary is sessile, ovoid to fusiform and glabrous.

Synonyms *Trachelosiphon columbianum Schltr. 1920

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