!Habenaria quinqueseta (Michx.) Eaton 1829 SECTION Macroceratitae Kraenzl.

In situ plant in Mexico

In situ Flower Closeup Photos courtesy of Edouard Faria


Common Name The Five Bristled Habenaria - Longhorn False Reinorchid

Flower Size

Found in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Cuba and Jamaica on hillsides and open slopes, grasslands, tropical deciduous forests or oak forests as a at elevations of 150 to 1750 meters as a large sized, hot to cool growing terrestrial orchid with a small basal tuber giving rise to a stout stem that is leafy at or above the middle with the lower leaves diminishing in size and carrying several, ovate or elliptic, acute or short-acuminate, basally clasping, articulate to the sheaths leaves that blooms in the summer and early fall on a rather loosely few to 35 flowered inflorescence with ovate-lanceolate, acuminate floral bracts and carrying fragrant flowers.

Synonyms Habenaria macroceratitis var. brevicalcarata Ames 1910; Habenaria michauxii Nutt. 1818; Habenaria simpsonii Small 1903; Mesicera michauxii (Nutt.) Raf. 1837; Mesicera quinqueseta (Michx.) Raf. 1825; Orchis michauxii (Nutt.) Alph.Wood 1870; *Orchis quinqueseta Michx. 1803; Platanthera michauxii (Nutt.) Alph.Wood 1861

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~Habenaria quinqueseta var. macroceratitis (Willd.) Luer 1972 - See Habenaria macroceratitis Willd. 1805 Photo by Mark Larocque.

Another Flower


Plant in situ Jalisco Mexico Photos courtesy of Edouard Faria

Found in Florida, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venzuela, French Guiana, Surinam and Guyana

Synonyms Habenaria habenaria (L.) Small 1903; Habenaria macroceras Spreng. 1826; *Habenaria macroceratitis Willd. 1805; Nemuranthes habenaria (L.) Raf. 1837; Orchis habenaria L. 1759

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