~Kingidium deliciosum (Rchb. f.) H.R. Sweet 1970 - See *Phalaenopsis deliciosa Rchb. f. 1854 Photo by Jay Pfahl


Flower Size 1/2" to 3/4" [1.5 to 2 cm]

Some authors attribute this name to Kingidium decumbens and vice versa. I will leave it as two species until I have better information. Ranging from India to SE Asia and the Philippines at elevations below 600 meters with a stem carrying 3 to 6 oblong-lanceolate, undulate leaves and blooms on a 6" [to 15 cm] long, branched inflorescence carrying many flowers that open successively over a period of several weeks in the late fall..

Synonyms *Phalaenopsis deliciosa Rchb. f. 1854