Phalaenopsis taenialis [Lindl.] E.A Christ. & Pradham 1986 SUBGENUS Aphyllae E. A. Christensen 2001 Photo by Heike and Phalaenopsis Website

Inflorescence Photo by Dale and Deni Borders

Full shadeCool Cold Spring

Common Name The Bandage-Like Phalaenopsis - in China Xiao Jian Nang Hu Die Lan

Flower Size 3/4" [2 cm]

This is a miniature, cool to cold growing monopodial epiphyte is found from the western Himalayas, eastern Himalayas, Assam India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, southern China and Myanmar in forests on tree trunks at elevations of 1000 to 2500 meters with long, flat roots, a short stem carrying 1 to 2, oblong-elliptic, narrow pendant leaves that blooms in nature in the spring on a pedunculate, raceme to 4" [10 cm] long, with lanceolate floral bracts giving rise to 6 to 8 flowers.

Synonyms Aerides carnosa Griff. 1851; *Aerides taeniale Lindl. 1830-40; Biermannia taenialis (Lindl.) T. Tang & F.T. Wang 1951; Doritis taenialis Benth. & Hook. f. 1890; Kingidium taeniale (Lindl.) P.F. Hunt 1970; Kingiella taenialis (Lindl.) Rolfe 1917; Polychilos taenialis (Lindl.) Shim 1982

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