Laelia longipes Rchb.f 1863 SUBGENUS Parviflorae SECTION Liliputinae Withner 1990

Plant and Flower

Habitat photo

Another Flower

Photos by Jay Pfahl

Common Name Long-Peduncled Laelia

Flower Size 2 1/4" [5.7 cm]

This is a Brazilian miniature sized, cool to cold growing "rupicolous", lithophytic, species found at elevations around 1300 to 2000 meters closely related to L. crispata with narrowly oblong or conical pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, erect, fleshy, rigid, elliptic-oblong, subacute, dark green leaf that blooms in the fall in Brazil on a raceme that is much longer than the leaves [8 to 10"] and has from 2 to 4 flowers and sometimes more occuring in the summer and fall.

I found the one in the photographs on top of Pico Da Carapuça - La Caraça, Minas Gerais, Brazil at an elevation of 1955 meters in full sun and was one of two of a few thousand that we saw that in bloom. I was blessed that it waited for me to scale the mountain and photograph it. It was a 4 1/2 hour climb to get to this location.

Synonyms Bletia longipes [Rchb.f]Rchb.f 1863; Bletia lucasiana Rolfe 1893; Cattleya longipes (Rchb.f.) Van den Berg 2008; Hoffmannseggella longipes (Rchb.f.) V.P.Castro & Chiron 2002; Laelia longipes var. lucasiana (Rolfe) Schltr. 1917; Laelia ostermeyeri Hoehne 1937; Sophronitis longipes (Rchb. f.) C. Berg & M.W. Chase 2000

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