Laelia perrinii [Lindl.] Bateman 1847 SUBGENUS Crispae SECTION Perriniae Withner 1990 Photo by Reginaldo Baião


Common Name Perrin's Laelia [English Orchid Enthusiast 1800's]

Flower Size 5" [12.5 cm]

Found in Brazil at altitudes of 700 to 900 meters as a medium sized, warm growing, epiphytic orchid with ovoid-ellipsoid to clavate pseudobulbs that are enveloped basally by scarious sheaths and carrying a single, apical, ligulate, leathery, rounded at the apex leaf that blooms in the late summer through the winter with 2 to 6, long-lasting flowers on a to 10" [to 25 cm] long, raceme subtended by a large compressed sheath.

Synonyms Amalia perrinii (Lindl.) Heynh. 1846; Bletia perrinii [Lindl.] Rchb.f 1861; Brasilaelia perrinii (Lindl.) Campacci 2006; Cattleya intermedia var angustifolia Hkr. 1839; Cattleya integerrima var angustifolia Hkr. 1846; *Cattleya perrinii Lindley 1838; Chironiella perrinii (Lindl.) Braem 2006; Hadrolaelia perrinii ( Lindl. ) Chiron & V.P.Castro 2002; Laelia perrinii f. alba (O'Brien) M.Wolff & O.Gruss 2007; Laelia perrinii alba O'Brien 1888; Sophronitis perrinii (Lindl.) C. Berg & M.W. Chase 2000

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Laelia perrinii [Lindl.] Bateman 1847 var coerula Photos by © Eric Hunt and His Orchid Website

A purple color variety of the prebious species

References W3 Tropicos, Kew Monocot list , IPNI ; AOS Bulletin Vol 39 No 5 1970; AOS Bulletin Vol 52 No 10 1983 photo; AOS Bulletin Vol 54 No 5 1985 photo;

Laelia perrinii [Lindl.] Bateman 1847 var semialba Photo courtesy of Patricia Harding