Masdevallia bicolor Poepp. & Endl. 1837 SUBGENUS Polyantha SECTION Alaticaules SUBSECTION Alaticaules [Krzl.] Luer 1986

Detail of lip and Petal not!

Side View of Flower Not!

Photos by Jay Pfahl

Plant and Flowers in situ Ecuador

Photo by Lourens Grobler

Another Flower

Photo courtesy of Dale and Deni Borders

Another Color Form

Photo courtesy of Patricia Harding




Drawings by Carl Luer

Common Name The Two-Colored Masdevallia

Flower Size 3/4" wide [2 cm]

Found in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia in wet montane forests low down on tree trunks at altitudes of 400 to 2100 meters as a mini-miniature to miniature sized, cold to warm growing, caespitose, epiphytic species with minute ramicauls concealed by imbricate, basal, tubular sheaths with an oblanceolate leaf with the petiole channeled and the apex is slightly bilobed with a conspicuous apicule that blooms in the spring through summer on an erect, 4" [10 cm] long, lateral, with 2 to 4 simultaneously or successive opening flowers per inflorescence that is held just below are just above the leaves and with 2 tubular, acuminate, shorter to longer than the ovary floral bracts.

The identifying characteristics of this species are the 2 flowered inflorescence, the 2 colored, long-caudate sepals, the carinate, bilobed petals and the papillose anther and turbinate pollina.

CAUTION The 2nd and 3rd photo of mine are most likely incorrect, notice the single flower and the lack of a bract that the flowers should arise from and the former flowers from previous blooming which this species does not do. The sepals also are very recurved, not a usual state of this flower.

"Masdevallia bicolor Poepp. & Endl. only has bicolored flowers with the dorsal sepal a shade of yellow or orange and the synsepal dark purple. The completely light yellow flower of M apoloae with short, thick tails immediately distinguishes it from the superficially similar A. bicolor. Other minor differences noted are the thickened veins of the lateral sepals, and a slight but distinct retrorse protrusion of the tip of the longitudinal callus of the petal at the base." Luer & Sijm 2012

Synonyms Alaticaulia bicolor (Poepp. & Endl.) Luer 2006; Masdevallia atropurpurea Rchb. f. 1854; Masdevallia aureo-rosea Weberb. 1911; Masdevallia auropurpurea Rchb.f & Warsc. 1854; Masdevallia biflora (Poepp. & Endl.) E. Morren 1873; Masdevallia herzogii Schltr. 1922; Masdevallia peruviana Rolfe 1906; Masdevallia subumbellata Kraenzl. 1925; Masdevallia xanthura Schltr. 1929

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