Neuwiedia zollingeri Rchb.f. 1857


Photos by John Varigos and his Flickr Orchid Photo Webpage

Original Drawing

Drawing by Reichenbach

Common Name Zollinger's Neuwiedia [Austrian Botanist and Orchid enthusiast 1800's]

Flower Size 1.2" [3 cm]

Found in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Borneo, Java, Lesser Sunda Islands and Sumatra in hill forests at elevations around 600 to 1000 meters as a medium to large sized, warm growing terrestrial with glabrous stems carrying 6 close set, narrowly lanceolate, acute, size variable leaves that blooms in the spring on an erect, terminal, 16" [40 cm] long, to 50 flowered inflorescence with narrowly lanceolate, acuminate floral bracts carrying flowers that do not open well.

This species can be separated from the others by the yellow flowers with a long to 16" [to 40 cm] inflorescence and dry brown seed capsules

CAUTION I cannot be sure of this determination. The real N zollingeri is a smaller plant that in bloom is less that 16" [40 cm] tall [from the photos this cannot be determined] and the flowers are not wide opening [the photo shows this but it could be that the flowers are just opening] so please use with caution.

Synonyms Neuwiedia annamensis Gagnep. 1933; Neuwiedia javanica J.J.Sm. 1914; Neuwiedia zollingeri var. annamensis (Gagnep.) Aver. 2008; Neuwiedia zollingeri var. javanica (J.J.Sm.) de Vogel 1969;

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