Gymnadenia corneliana (Beauverd) Teppner & E.Klein 1998 Photo courtesy of J-M Lewin and the Orchids of France and Europe

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Common Name Cornelia's Gymnadenia [Cornelia Rudio's Gymnadenia early 1900's]

Flower Size 1/3" [1 cm]

Found in France and Italy in the western Alps at elevations around 1000 meters in alpine meadows as a small to medium sized, cold growing terrestrial orchid with many basal leaves that blooms in the late spring and summer on a robust, erect, terminal, densely many flowered inflorescence that has the flowers held in an apical, egg-shaped cluster with the flowers opening in succession.

Synonyms Gymnadenia corneliana var. vesubiana (G.Keller) G.Foelsche & W.Foelsche 1999; Nigritella corneliana (Beauverd) Gölz & Reinhard 1926 ; Nigritella corneliana subsp. bourneriasii E.Breiner & R.Breiner 1993; Nigritella corneliana var. bourneriasii (E.Breiner & R.Breiner) E.Klein 1996; Nigritella lithopolitanica subsp. corneliana (Beauverd) Teppner & Klein ?; *Nigritella nigra subsp. corneliana Beauverd ?; Nigritella rubra lus. vesubiana G.Keller 1935

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