Odontoglossum filamentosum Dalström & Ruíz Pérez 2014 SUBGENUS Odontoglossum

TYPE DrawingPhoto by Guido Deburghgraeve/TYPE drawing by © Stig Dalstrom

Common Name The Filiment-Like Odontoglossum [refers to the extrodinarrily long and filament shaped callus of the lip]

Flower Size 2.4" [6 cm]

Found in Pasco department of Peru in seasonally cloud forests at elevations of 2400 to 2500 meters as a small to medium sized, cold growing, caespitose epiphyte with ancipitous, oblong-ovoid pseudobulbs enveloped basally by 6 to 8, distichous, uppermost foliaceous sheaths and carrying 2, apical, elongate elliptic to obovate, narrrowly acute to shortly acuminate, conduplicate, subpetiolate base leaves that blooms in the winter on 1 to 3, axillary, from the uppermost sheaths, arching to subpendent, flexuous, 24" [60 cm] long, racemose to few branched paniculate, loosely few to many flowered inflorescence with adpressed scale-like, much shorter than the ovary floral bracts and carrying stellate to slightly campanulate flowers

"Odontoglossum filamentosum differs from the similar O. epidendroides Kunth and O. juninense Schltr. by the unique combination of the elongated column, ca. .68" [1.7 cm] long versus ca. .4 to .44" [1.0 to 1.1 cm ](O. epidendroides), and ca. .4" [1 cm] (O. juninense) together with the extremely long and filament-shaped callus on the lip, versus much less devloped and shortly digitate to curved and spinose callus teeth for the others." Dalstrom 2014

Synonyms Oncidium filamentosum (Dalström & Ruíz Pérez) J.M.H.Shaw 2014

References W3 Tropicos, Kew Monocot list , IPNI ; *LANKESTERIANA 13(3): 401-405 Dalstrom 2014 Drawing/photo fide