Odontoglossum crispum Lindley 1845 SUBGENUS Odontoglossum

Lip Detail

O crispum var pacho

Another var pacho

This is the closeup lip detail of Odontoglossum crispum var pacho

Odontoglossum crispum var. fusagasuga

var. fusagasuga lip detail

Another var. fusagasuga

Odontoglossum crispum var. veliz

Odontoglossum crispum var. veliz Lip detail with anther cap removed by insect Photos by Jay Pfahl

O crispum var alba Photo by Eric Hunt and his Orchid Species Photo Website

Odontoglossum crispum var. xnthotes

Odontoglossum crispum var. lehmannii Rchb.f. 1880 Photos y Steve Gettel


Common Name The Curled Odontoglossum

Flower Size 3" to 4" [7.5 to 10 cm]

A medium sized, cold growing epiphytic species from Colombia, found at altitudes of 2000 to 3000 meters in the western slopes of the Cordillera Oriental with broadly ovoid or oblong-ovoid, ancipitous pseudobulbs carrying 2 apical, suberect, linear-lanceolate, acute, narrowing below into a long, narrow, conduplicate, petiole-like base leaves and has a varied blooming season, but most often in winter, with fragrant, variable in color and size flowers on an axillary, to 1 1/2' [45 cm] long, many [8 to 20] flowered inflorescence with a racememe at the upper third with a few short basal branches that comes from the side of the newest forming pseudobulb.

These orchids require cool, well watered, humid conditions, with medium to heavy shade to thrive and after growth has slowed in the fall they need a slight lessening of water and fertilizer.

This species is used often in improving odontoglossum hybridizing.

Synonyms Odontoglossum alexandrae Bateman 1864; Odontoglossum alexandrae var. cooksonii B.S.Williams & T.Moore 1884; Odontoglossum alexandrae var. flaveolum (Rchb.f.) B.S.Williams & T.Moore 1883; Odontoglossum alexandrae var. outramii B.S.Williams 1891; Odontoglossum alexandrae var. stevensii B.S.Williams & T.Moore 188l; Odontoglossum alexandrae var. trianae Hook.f. 1868; Odontoglossum alexandrae var. wilsonii B.S.Williams 1891; Odontoglossum bluntii Rchb.f. 1864; Odontoglossum crispum f. hyperxanthum (Rchb.f.) Christenson 2007; Odontoglossum crispum var. bluntii (Rchb.f.) Stein 1892; Odontoglossum crispum var. chestertonii A.H.Kent 1887; Odontoglossum crispum var. flaveolum Rchb.f., 1880; Odontoglossum crispum var. hyperxanthum Rchb.f. 1887; Odontoglossum crispum var. latranum Bosschere 1895; Odontoglossum crispum var. lehmannii Rchb.f. 1880; Odontoglossum crispum var. lyntanthum F.Lehm. 1899; Odontoglossum crispum var. plumatum B.S.Williams 1891; Odontoglossum crispum var. reginae F.A.Philbrick 1887; Odontoglossum crispum var. trianae (Hook.f.) L.Linden & Rodigas 1887; Odontoglossum crispum var. wolstenholmiae Rchb.f. 1887; Odontoglossum crispum var. wrigleyanum B.S.Williams 1897; Odontoglossum edithiae Warn. 1864; Odontoglossum latimaculatum L. Linden 1888; Odontoglossum reichenbachianum F.Lehm 1883; Odontoglossum sanderianum Rchb.f 1881; Odontoglossum warocqueanum Linden & Linden 1888; Oncidium alexandre [Bateman] Chase & Wms. 2008; Orchid Digest Vol 75 #4 2011 photo fide; AOS Bulletin Vol 88 #5 2019 as Oncidium alexandre photo fide;

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