Lophiaris carthagenensis (Sw.) Braem 1993 SECTION Plurituberculata Photo by © Arterix

Another Flower? Photo by Jay Pfahl

FragrancePart shadeHot To CoolSpringand Summer

Common Name The Cartagena Lophiaris [Town In Colombia] - Orejas de burro [mules ear]

Flower Size 3/4" [2 cm]

Found in Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil as a large sized, hot to cool growing, mule eared epiphyte at altitudes of 0 to 1500 meters in humid deciduous forests on tree trunks and large branches that has a small bract covered pseudobulb that has a single, coriaceous to fleshy, elliptic, sharply keeled abaxially leaf that is conduplicate at the base, with a basal, erect to arching, to 5' [to 150 cm] long, many laxly small flowered, panicle that has the peduncle subtended by a scarious sheath and scarious, triangular sheaths at the nodes,where it almost always along river courses in high trees or on the rocks below and needs high light and humidity, a dry rest in the winter after the bloom season which is spring and summer and grows best mounted on treefern or cork.

CAUTION !!!! This species has been split into three separate entities with Lophiaris oerstedii being found in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, Lophiaris crispiflorum occurs in eastern Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama and Lophiaris carthagensis occurs only in Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. I feel that all records of O carthagenisis in the Caribbean are most likely Lophiaris undulatum but I have no absolute proof of this. More soon!.

Synonyms Cymbidium undulatum Sw. 1799; *Epidendrum carthagenense Jacq. 1760; Oncidium carthagenense [Jacq]Swartz 1800; Oncidium carthagenense var. klotzschii Lindl. 1855; Oncidium carthagenense var. sanguineum Lindl. 1855; Oncidium carthagenense var. swartzii Lindl. 1855; Oncidium guttatum var. roseum hort. ex Linden 1880; Oncidium henchmanni Lodd. ex Lindl. 1855; Oncidium huntianum Hook. 1840; Oncidium huntleyanum Beer ex Lindl. 1855; Oncidium kymatoides Kraenzel 1922; Oncidium luridum Lindl. var. henchmannii Knowles & Westc. 1840; Oncidium obsoletum A. Rich & Gal. 1855; Oncidium panduriferum Kunth 1815; Oncidium roseum Lodd. ex Lindl. 1855; Oncidium salvadorense Schltr. 1913; Oncidium sanguineum Lindley 1839; Oncidium sanguineum var roseum [Lodd.]Regel 1856; Trichocentrum carthagenense (Jacq.) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams 2001;

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