Paphiopedilum argus (Rchb. f.) Stein 1892 SUBGENUS Sigmatopetalum SECTION Barbata SUBSECTION Barbata

Photo by Eric Hunt, plant grown by Arthur Keown

to Winterand EARLY

Common Name Argus Paphiopedilum [a reference to the greek myth of Argus, a hundred eyed monster, similar to the spotting on the petals]

Flower Size to about 4" [to 10 cm]

Found in the Philippines at elevations of 600 to 2000 meters on limestone as a medium sized, warm to cool growing terrestrial with elliptic or elliptic-oblong, light green with lightly spotted darker green leaves with a bifid and minutely serrate apex that blooms in the winter, spring and early summer on an erect, 15" [37.5 cm] long, single-flowered, pubescent inflorescence with an elliptic floral bract.

Synonyms Cordula Argus Rolfe 1912; *Cypripedium argus Rchb. f. 1873; Cypripedium argus subvar nigricans Veitch; Cypripedium barbatum var argus Vos. ?; Cypripedium moensianum auct. 1887; Cypripedium moensii auct. 1893; Cypripedium pitcherianum Manda 1887; Paphiopedilum argus var. moesii [Linden] Stein 1892; Paphiopedilum argus var nigricans Hort ex Stein 1892; Paphiopedilum argus var. sriwanae (Koop.) O.Gruss 1994; Paphiopedilum sriwanae Koop. 1991

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