Paphiopedilum delenatii Guillaumin 1924 SUBGENUS Parvisepalum Karasawa & Saito 1982 Photo by Jay Pfahl

Alba Form Photo by Timothy Choltco

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Common Name Delanat's Paphiopedilum [French Orchid Enthusiast 1900's] - In China De Shi Dou Lan

Flower Size 4" [8 cm]

A small sized, warm to cool growing southern Vietnamese terrestrial and lithophytic species with mottled leaves that grows in broadleaf, evergreen lowland forests or primary highland cloud forests on soils rich in silicates or acidic soils or mossy crevasses on eastern or southern facing granite or gneiss slopes above rivers and streams in partial shade at elevations of 750 to 1500 meters with 5 to 7, narrowly elliptic to oblong elliptic, distichous, light green and veined and mottled dark green, purple spotted beneath, obtuse and minutely unequally trilobed apically leaves and is a late fall, winter [Most often December] to early spring bloomer with 1 or 2 [rarely 3] apical flowers on an erect, 8 3/4" [22 cm] long, pubescent, reddish inflorescence.

This orchid species requires less watering from January through May and water heavy from June through December, but not kept damp, and even fertilizer throughout the year.

Synonyms Cypripedium delenatii [Guillame] Curtis 1933; Paphiopedilum delenatii f. albinum Braem 1998; Paphiopedilum delenatii f. lutescens Grell & Gunzenh. 2010; Paphiopedilum delenatii f. vinicolor O.Gruss & Roeth 2007

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