Platanthera clavellata (Michx.) Luer 1972

Photo by Zachary Bradford

Flower Closeup

Photo by Jim Fowler and his P-Base Orchid North American Orchid Website

Part shadeCold LATESpring Summer

Common Name The Little Club Platanthera - in the US - The Small Greenwood Orchid

Flower Size

Found from eastern Canada south to Florida and west to Texas then north to Iowa and Minnesota in swampy forests and along woodland streams as a miniature to medium sized, cold growing terrestrial orchid with an erect, stout stem enveloped by 1 to rarely 2, keeled, lanceolate, basally clasping leaves and a loose, inflated sheath above that blooms in the late spring and summer on a terminal, lax, 6 to 14" [15 to 35 cm] long, 3 to 15 flowered, racemose inflorecence with a few lanceolate bracts and floral bracts that are as long as the ovary.

Synonyms Denslovia clavellata (Michx.) Rydb. 1931; Gymnadenia tridentata (Muhl.) Lindl. 1835; Gymnadenia tridentata var. clavellata Alph.Wood 1861; Gymnadeniopsis clavellata (Michx.) Rydb. 1901; Gymnadeniopsis clavellata var. ophioglossoides (Fernald) W.J.Schrenk ; 1977; Habenaria clavellata (Michx.) Spreng. 1826; Habenaria clavellata var. ophioglossoides Fernald 1946; Habenaria clavellata var. wrightii L.S.Olive 1951; Habenaria maritima Raf. 1833; Habenaria tridentata (Muhl.) Hook. 1823; *Orchis clavellata Michx. 1803; Orchis clavellata var. tridentata Muhl. 1813; Orchis tridentata Muhl. ex Willd. 1805; Peristylus clavellatus (Michx.) Kraenzl. 1898; Platanthera clavellata var. ophioglossoides (Fernald) P.M.Br. 1988; Platanthera clavellata f. slaughteri P.M.Br. 1995

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