Platanthera tipuloides (L.f.) Lindl. 1835

Plant and Flowers in situ JapanPhotos by Takato NATSU from Japan and his Japan Orchids Page


Common Name The Spider-Like Platanthera - In Japan - Hosoba-no-kiso-chidori or Kobano-tomboso - in USA - Aluetian Bog Orchid - In China Tong Ju She Chun Lan

Flower Size .3" [.9 cm]

Found in eastern Siberia, Aluetians, Japan, Korea and China in dense forests on slopes, and forest margins along valleys a elevations of 700 to 1700 meters as a small to medium sized, cold growing terrestrial with a tuberous, narrowly fusiform to cylindric, elongate rootstock giving rise to a slender stem with a basal, tubular sheaths and carrying a single, oblong elliptic, obtuse, basally clasping leaf that blooms in the late spring through mid summer on a slender, 2.4 to 4.8" [6 to 12 cm] long, sparsely many flowered inflorescence with 2 to 3, foliaceous, ovate-lanceolate bracts and narrrowly lanceolate, basalones exceeding the ovary floral bracts carrying fragrant flowers.

Synonyms Gymnadenia keiskei (Miq.) Franch. & Sav. 1878; Habenaria behringiana (Rydb.) Ames 1910; Habenaria keiskei Miq. 1866; Habenaria tipuloides (L.f.) Benth. 1881; Limnorchis behringiana Rydb.1901; Orchis gracilis Fisch. ex Lindl. 1835; *Orchis tipuloides L.f. 1782; Perularia whangshanensis S.S.Chien 1931; Platanthera behringiana (Rydb.) Tatew. & Kobayashi 1934; Platanthera keiskei (Miq.) Franch. & Sav. 1877; Platanthera mandarinorum var. oreades (Franch. & Sav.) T.Hashim. 1987; Platanthera matsumurana Schltr. 1906; Platanthera nipponica Makino 1902; Platanthera oreades Franch. & Sav. 1878; Platanthera sororia Schltr. 1906; Platanthera tipuloides f. nipponica (Makino) M.Hiroe 1971; Platanthera tipuloides subsp. linearifolia (Ohwi) K.Inoue 1982; Platanthera tipuloides subsp. nipponica (Makino) Murata 1966; Platanthera tipuloides var. behringiana (Rydb.) Hultén 1968; Platanthera tipuloides var. linearifolia Ohwi 1953; Platanthera tipuloides var. nipponica (Makino) Ohwi 1953; Platanthera tipuloides var. sibirica Regel 1861; Platanthera tipuloides var. sororia (Schltr.) Soó 1929; Tipularia camtschatica Spreng. 1826; Tipularia tipuloides (L.f.) Druce 1917; Tulotis whangshanensis (S.S.Chien) Hara 1955

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