Pleurothallis erinacea Rchb. f. 1855 SUBGENUS Kraenzlinella [Kuntze] Luer 1986

Photo by Gary Yong Gee and his Orchid Photo Website


Original Drawing by Padre Pedro Ortiz Conserved at the Herbario de la Universidad Javeriana, Bogota Colombia

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Common Name The Spined Pleurothallis [refers to the densly muricate ovary and seed capsule]

Flower Size 1/4 to 3/4" [7mm to 2 cm]

Found from Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Guyana, Surinam, Venzuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia in evergreen cloud forests and montane rain forests as a miniature to small sized, cool to warm growing epiphyte at elevations of 900 to 2000 meters with a short ramicaul bearing a single, tubular, acute, green sheath and a single apical, narrowly elliptic-lanceolate, blunt, thickly coriaceous, narrowing below into the conduplicate, petiolate base leaf that blooms in the winter and spring on an erect, about 1 1/4' [37 cm] long, loosely may flowered, racemose, fractifex inflorescence having 2 imbricating, close, long, acuminate bracts and lanceolate floral bracts with the flowers held way above the leaves.

Synonyms Humboldtia erinacea (Rchb. f.) Kuntze 1891; Humboltia erinacea (Rchb. f.) Kuntze 1891; Kraenzlinella erinacea (Rchb.f.) Solano 2002 publ. 2003; Kraenzlinella muricata (Schltr.) Rolfe 1915; Kraenzlinella rufescens Rolfe 1916; Kraenzlinella sororia (Schltr.) Rolfe 1915; Pleurothallis diuturna Schltr. 1922; Pleurothallis muricata Schltr. 1912; Pleurothallis muricata T. Hashim. 1987; Pleurothallis rufescens (Rolfe) Schltr. 1921; Pleurothallis sororia Schltr. 1912

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