SUBGENUS Scopula Luer 1986

Characterized by the elliptical to narrowly elliptical leaves with a tuft of single flowered inflorescence emering from what looks like the midrib near the apex. The leaves are actually exceedingly long-decurrrent on the ramicaul. No annulus is visible and the flowers are similar to Subgenus Pleurothallis with a cylindrical column and an apical to subapical anther and stigma as well as an absolescent foot.

  • Pleurothallis aspergillum Luer & Hirtz 1989 Colombia and Ecuador

  • Pleurothallis cosmetron Luer 1992 Colombia

  • Pleurothallis garayana (Ospina) Luer 1975 Colombia

  • Pleurothallis juvenilis Rodr.-Mart. & Karremans 2017 Colombia

  • Pleurothallis penicillata Luer 1980 Colombia

  • Pleurothallis ruscaria Luer 1980 Colombia and Ecuador

  • Pleurothallis scoparum Rchb.f 1888 Colombia and Ecuador

  • Pleurothallis silverstonei Luer 1992 Colombia

  • Pleurothallis tetroxys Luer 1989 Colombia and Ecuador