SECTION Austrocymbidium Schlechter 1924 - This section is characterized with difficulty as all three species have only a few of each of these characteristics between them but as a group they share many of the differnt affinities tying them together. The section has leaves articulated close to the pseudobulb and has many close set, mostly yellowish to greenish flowers on a pendant inflorescence with broad, mostly broader than the petals, obovate to oblong-elliptic, rounded to obtuse apically sepals and a small, narrow side lobed lip with a short column carrying 2 ellipsoidal, parallel pollina. pollina

  1. Cymbidium canaliculatum R. Brown 1810 Northern Territories and Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales

  2. Cymbidium madidum Lindley 1840 Queensland and New South Wales Australia

  3. Cymbidium suave R. Brown 1810 Queensland and New South Wales Australia