Taeniophyllum filiferum Aver. 2016 SECTION Mitocaulon NAME NOT VALID 2 TYPE (LA-VN 1174b / TM 1273) contrary to Art. 40.7 ICN, 2012


Drawing/photo by Leonid Averanov and T Maisak and Turczaninowia 19 (3): 558 L. V. Averyanov, Khang Sinh Nguyen etal 2016

Full Shade WarmLATERSummer EARLYFall

Common Name or Meaning The Thread-Carrying Taeniophyllum

Flower Size .1" [2.5 mm]

Found in Laos in primary and old secondary lowland broad-leaved evergreen dry forests on rocky limestone, usually on old mossy trees in shady, humid places near mountain tops at elevations of 600 to 700 meters as a miniature sized, warm growing epiphyte with numerous fasciculate, rather leathery roots that blooms in the later summer and early fall on numerous, persistent, few-flowered inflorescence with only 1 to 3(4) white flowers.

CAUTION Although this is a different orchid not described previously the name is not validly published because Averyanov cited 2 herbarium specimens without designating one of them as the TYPE.

"Species may be close to T. gracillimum Schltr. distributed in Thailand, Kalimantan and Malacca Peninsula and T. intermedium described from Malacca Peninsula, but distinctly differs in numerous fasciculate, rather leathery roots, numerous persistent scapes, few-flowered racemes with only 1 to 4 white flowers and very large apical appendage of the lip apex. The new species in its habit and appearance somewhat resembles also T. fasciculatum Aver., known from southern Vietnam, but differs in fleshy roots and lip forming a prominent apical seta." Averyanov etal 2016


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