Teagueia cymbisepala Luer & L.Jost 2000

Comparison between T beverlysacklerae & T cymbisepala

Photos by Lou Jost

TYPE DrawingTYPE Drawing by Carl Luer and The Swiss Orchid Foundation at the Jany Renz Herbaria Website

Common Name The Boat Shaped Teagueia [refers to the synsepal]

Flower Size .4" [1 cm]

Found in Tungurahua province of Ecuador at elevations around 3100 meters as a mini-miniature sized, cold growing, long-repent epiphyte with ascending, stout ramicauls enveloped by 1 to 2, imbricating sheaths and carrying a single, apical, suberect, thickly coriaceous, broadly elliptic, obtuse, cuneate below into the petiolate base leaf that blooms in the summer on a strict, arising from near the apex of the ramicaul, more or less horizontal, to 10" [25 cm] long including the 4 to 6.4" [10 to 16 cm] long peduncle, distantly successively several flowered inflorecescence with an oblique, acute, thin, less than half as long as the pedicel floral bract.

"Distinguished by the stout, long-repent rhizome, short ascending ramicauls, elliptical, petiolate, thickly coriaceous leaves and a long suberect to tranverse, remotely and successively flowered raceme of red-orange, bilabiate flowers. The dorsal sepal is ovate and acute, the lateral sepals are connate into a concave synsepal, the petals are ovate, acute and ciliate and the lip is oblong and concave with a sharply defined cavity near the middle." Luer 2000


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